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At the Alliance we’re passionate about people and reaching them with the love of Jesus — and kids are some of God’s most precious people. Why is it important to reach kids?

We’ve known for a number of years that statistically speaking people are most receptive to the gospel as children. By the age of 5 a child’s lifelong concept of God has been formed. That’s right, 5. And before the age of 12 they are at their most receptive to God. The window of opportunity to reach kids is now. Read on for some of the latest articles and information designed to expand your reach as a KidMin leader.

Recent KidMin Articles

  • Walking Out What Is Written Down

    Archery. Darts. Golf. Disciple-making. What do these all have in common? All are pursuits that improve with aim. I think most people would grant this truth—that we are most successful in ministry when we are clear about our goals. This is why many ministry leaders are careful to take the time to write a mission […]

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  • Let the Children Come

    But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” —Matthew 19:14 (NLT) At the heart of the gospel this is the call of Jesus. Let them come! Let the broken, poor, disabled, mistreated come. Let the minorities, the women, […]

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  • On Repeat

    I don’t know how your summer went. But with four young children at home, mine seemed filled with endless amounts of verbal repetition. Whether it was “put your shoes away,” “clean up your toys,” “brush your teeth,” or “stop hitting your brother,” almost every phrase I uttered to my kids needed to be repeated multiple […]

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  • Cutting Through The Fog of Ministry

    I woke up knowing that it was going to be the hardest day of our trip, but I didn’t know how hard it was going to be. As I crawled out of my tent to rouse the rest of the group, I found myself enveloped in a cloud—the thickest fog I had ever seen. The […]

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