Beginning the Cradle to College Journey

I recently had the privilege to share with a group of parents that were preparing to dedicate their children. What a privilege, to share with them as they begin the cradle to college journey. I truly believe what happens at home is more important than what happens at church, and so starting well with a intentional strategy is key to help our children become strong men and woman of God.

And so that’s just it, who will they become, what will drive their decisions, what values will define them? I shared with these new parents that we need to Imagine the end. Not what their kids will become but who. And so as we considered this idea I shared a few things that would help them as parents on this journey.

  1. Time passes quickly! So have a plan have strategy to influence your child to discover Christ. When our kids are young they are so much more open to what we share with them, we are their greatest influencers, so we should seize the moment and develop our own action steps to influence our children.
  2. We cannot give our kids what we do not have. Kids need a clear picture of what healthy relationships look like. we have to model those for them. One of the biggest gifts we can give them is to see us in healthy relationships and/or marriage.
  3. Which brings us to point 3. If we want kids to have a growing relationship with Jesus, then we have to model our own relationship with Jesus. Kids need to hear us talk about faith and see how our faith affects our decisions and values.

All of these things are tools to help us be intentional about helping our kids make a decision to follow Jesus. Kids learn faster in the early years and so our investment will help establish strong roots for when the days of trouble come. If faith has been a part of their lives from the very beginning, then the tough conversations become so much easier. If we start talking about faith with our kids when they are middle schoolers, well, it’s going to be tough to introduce faith concepts.

So begin now, praying with them, appreciating God’s creation when outside, establishing family values based on God’s Word, reading God’s word to them, talking about what the Bible says about a particular situation that arises…the possibilities are endless. Take the time to invest in your children’s spiritual legacy, start young, imagine the end of this cradle to college journey.

Shaun Sass

Shaun Sass is a children’s ministry consultant with over 20 years of experience. Shaun is also a member of the C&MA National Disciplemaking Team. Shaun is passionate about training, equipping and empowering leaders to live out the fullness of their call and God-given design as they serve children and families. Shaun is also an avid cyclist and spin class instructor.

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