Bubble Machines

bubble machine

I do a lot of visiting of churches and every now and then I see something I think is awesome. I was recently in Oconomowoc, WI at Crosspoint Church meeting with their amazing Children’s Ministry team. Their team is dynamic and full of ideas. When I walked into their nursery I saw a bubble machine. Brilliant! They have a bubble machine in all 3 of their nurseries on Sunday morning and they have them running. It’s a great attraction and distraction, if you know what I mean. They LOVE their bubble machines and I’m sold. What kid doesn’t love bubbles? What a great idea!

bubble machine



Melissa J. MacDonald

Melissa MacDonald, a consecrated worker, spends her time speaking, training, coaching and encouraging churches to “be the Church” for the sake of our next generations.

Three Responses to “Bubble Machines”

  1. Bubbles!! This is a brilliant idea!! Something else as an idea: one of my awesome volunteers set up different things outside the windows of the nursery to attract the kids/distract them from their parents leaving the room.They used bird feeder hooks to hang sparkly, twirly things, put snowmen and other figures out there, etc. (all sorts of things that changed from week to week). Just another very cool idea for you all 🙂

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