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I walk through a number of churches in a year. Every time I walk in I’m a first-time visitor. Yes, I’m walking through with purpose but the bottom line is I’m a newbie who’s just trying to get a feel for the church just like every other visitor who walks through the doors. It’s a very eye-opening experience.

There are times I am a little shocked at what I see. First impressions are so important and you don’t get to redo them. Little changes such as paint, light bulbs, a dusting cloth, and pictures hanging straight can make a huge impression. Keep in mind the purpose is to make visitors feel welcomed so they can get to know you better and ultimately get to know Jesus better.

Grab a coffee, a notebook, slip on your “visitor” eyes and do a walk through through your church.

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Melissa J. MacDonald

Melissa MacDonald, a consecrated worker, spends her time speaking, training, coaching and encouraging churches to “be the Church” for the sake of our next generations.

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