Summer is For Families

family silhouetteSummer is just around the corner. The kids are crazy because the final bell sounds to mark the beginning of summer. For parents summer can mean many things. More clutter in the house, later bed times, finding activities, and maybe refrigerators in food crisis. But summer can be a great time of year to mark the spiritual life of your family. As a family we invite you to not let your guard down this summer. Instead, be intentional about the spiritual education in your home.

That’s why we suggest that you:

  1. Continue to pray for your family and have quiet time at home for at least one night a week (family night). Remember that although your family is on vacation, God never goes on vacation.
  2. Choose a service project where your family can serve during the summer. Teaching kids that were created to serve.
  3. Make guidelines for the use of electronics. Help your kids to not be connected to the TV, video games or Internet all day. Monitor video games, TV programs and Internet content.
  4. Prepare your “summer bucket list”. As a family create a list of things you would like to do this summer.
  5. Remember that while camps, VBS, and day programs are fun it is always more fun to spend time together as a family.

Hopefully 2014 will be a great summer and the memories that are made this summer in your family will be remembered for many years.

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Leo Ayala

Leo Ayala lleva sirviendo a tiempo completo como director del ministerio de niños durante los pasados 12 años en la iglesia Alianza Cristiana y Misionera La Cumbre en San Juan Puerto Rico. Lleva casado con su esposa Esther Jorge durante 13 años. Juntos disfrutan la aventura de educar y formar a dos hijos varones, Jair de 10 años e Isak de 8 años. Su mayor pasión es levantar una próxima generación de hombres y mujeres que sean discípulos de Jesús, pero sabiendo que hoy, esos hombres y mujeres todavía son niños. Leo cree firmemente que para lograr esto necesitamos que la familia tome su lugar dentro del plan de Dios para sus hijos y que la iglesia establezca un plan y una estrategia.

Leo Ayala has been serving as the full-time children's director at C&MA La Cumbre in San Juan, Puerto Rico for the past 12 years. He's been married for 13 years with his wife Esther. Together, they enjoy the adventure of educate, raise and disciple two active boys, Jair (10 years old) and Isak (8 years old). His biggest passion is raise a new generation of disciple. Men and women followers of Jesus but knowing that those men and women today are still kids. Leo firmly believed that in order to do this we need to invest in the family so they can understand their place in God's plan for their kids and also help the church everywhere to develop a plan and a strategy to make this happen. If you would like to request Leo for an event please click here. Request Form.

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