A Review of The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance

Aethasia has been invaded by a usurper, and fog has distorted and perverted everything that is good; but in the midst of it all, a resistance is growing and there is hope. The resistance is working to help the Great Engineer regain his rightful place at the throne and restore the great engines that keep the fog at bay. Everything will be made right when the king returns to his throne.

Kids can now be a part of the resistance by joining the online game, The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance! The Aetherlight provides an allegorical story mirroring God’s wondrous works throughout the Bible. The game is ideal for children—age 7 to 13—to learn His amazing story in a highly engaging and interactive environment.

At this point you may be asking yourself, Why would I encourage my kids to spend more time playing video games?

Yes, it is still a video game; so it’s all about moderation and balance. I personally played the game—partly because I really like games, and also because I wanted to experience it before promoting it—and I found it to be a great tool to reach the digital generation. When we look back at the Holy Spirit’s arrival at Pentecost, the people were bewildered because each one heard their own language spoken. They felt welcomed by the sound of their native tongue, and that’s when they clearly heard the gospel message in all its splendor. They went away changed people! Now I’m not suggesting this generation speaks only “video game-ese”; but it’s certainly part of who they are. They were born playing video games, they learn through video games, and they establish friendships through online gaming. The Aetherlight provides a bridge to the Bible for the digital generation.

God wants to meet kids where they are. The Aetherlight invites them to plunge deeper into God’s story. As part of the gaming experience, children are invited to join the Resistance Academy, where they will learn how the allegory of the game is connected to the amazing, true story of Jesus. The Resistance Academy is a place in the game where the fictional story is correlated with the Bible. Kids can learn which biblical figures inspired the fictional characters and how the current state of Aethasia relates to this world. Participants are not only invited to learn about the story but also encouraged that God wants them to be a part of His story. Right from the start, the online characters are inserted into the bigger context of Aethasia and informed that they must be a part of the Great Engineer’s plan. This is a great way to affirm a generation that yearns to be a part of something bigger than themselves that God wants them to play a significant role in the expansion of His Kingdom.

Should children be left alone to play Aetherlight just because it is a Bible-based game? No. Parental guidance is encouraged. Parents have control of the account and are invited to be a part of the game. Parents and leaders are encouraged to make the most of this opportunity to engage with children, have fun and, most importantly, help them see and understand God’s story.

Be intentional. Ask questions: Who is the Great Engineer? Who is the Scarlet Man? How does the fog relate to what’s happening in the world today?

Open the Bible as the children play the game. Encourage them to form a small group where they can meet, play together, and reflect on the game.

With so many things vying for our children’s attention, The Aetherlight provides a strategy to point them to Jesus and to the relevance of His Story in today’s world. My prayer is that this game will bring kids closer to the Great Engineer who loves them deeply, wants to have a relationship with them where they are, and offers them a key role in the fulfillment of His plan. Are you ready to join the Resistance? Find out more here: https://theaetherlight.com/?home=1 .