Thanks a Latte

John Maxwell once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” He’s right, especially when it comes to children’s ministry volunteers.  Think about it.  Our volunteers juggle diapers, runny noses, Goldfish crackers, and more, all while taking part in the spiritual formation of the little ones in their care on Sunday mornings.  Even the most die-hard, kid-crazy, VeggieTales-loving volunteer needs some encouragement every once in a while.  They need to know that their leaders care.

Out of the zillion different ways we can express our gratitude for our volunteers, this is one of my favorites.  I’ve used it with two different teams and both have loved it! Take a look…


I stopped at a dollar store and picked up some cute mugs for a dollar each, then put a biscotti cookie, an instant latte mix packet, and some fun flavored creamers in each.  The finishing touch was to add a “Thanks a Latte!” tag to each mug. (A quick Google search will bring up loads of printable tags with this saying on them that you can choose from.)  All told, each mug cost about $2 to make.  That’s a price tag that can fit almost any budget!

What are some ways you’ve encouraged your volunteers?

Abby Burg

Abby is the Executive Director of Ministries at First Alliance Church in Hockessin, Delaware. She's passionate about making the truth of Jesus exciting and practical for people of all ages. Contact Abby at [email protected].

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