The God Who Sees Me

Adapted from a May 31, 2016, blog post by Abby Burg

I just want to quit. Has that thought ever crossed your mind? If it hasn’t, it probably will at some point.

Ministry is more challenging than it has ever been before. And children’s ministry has challenges of its own, including volunteer shortages, family brokenness, budget crunches . . .

Child ministry is also a hidden ministry:

  • Many church members have never set foot in the church nursery (they may not even know where it is)!
  • Others in your congregation probably don’t have a clue as to what the kids do when they’re dismissed from the service to attend children’s church.

We pour our minds, hearts, and spirits into a ministry that so many people never see.

god sees

But God sees.

Hagar had never been a woman I understood. She was just part of the Genesis story to me—until recently, that is.

She was a servant to Sarah, Abraham’s wife. When Sarah was convinced that she wouldn’t be able to conceive the son God had promised to Abraham, she sent Hagar to Abraham to bear a child in her place (see Genesis 16).

Hagar conceived, and from that point on tensions between the two began to arise. When things started to boil over, Hagar fled. That’s when she encountered God.

The angel of the Lord found her in the desert. He saw Hagar’s pain and her brokenness and spoke words of life.

He promised her descendants—more numerous than she could count—and a son, whose name was to be Ishmael (God hears). After this encounter, Hagar called God by another name: El-roi, “You are the God who sees me.”

The God who sees me.

Flash forward a few years. Sarah has since given birth to Isaac, the son through whom God would fulfill His promise to Abraham (see Genesis 21).

Hagar and Ishmael have been sent away into the desert. When she and Ishmael were alone, it didn’t take long for Hagar to become desperate. When their water supply dwindled, Hagar left her son in the shade of some bushes, unable to bear the thought of seeing him die.

She cried out and God heard her. And He miraculously provided a well of water so Hagar and Ishmael could live.

When things got tough, Hagar wanted to escape. When her relationship with Sarah went sour—she ran. When her son was near death—she ran.

But escape is only temporary. God showed up in a very real way in Hagar’s pain. He helped her to face her problems through His grace and power.

Just as God saw Hagar in her brokenness and seemingly impossible circumstances, He sees you too. He sees every hurt, every frustration, every stressor—everything.

He wants to speak life into your heart. He wants to bring you hope and healing. He wants to help you face the impossible.

So don’t quit.

You have an invaluable role in the Kingdom as you make room for the Holy Spirit to work in your kids’ lives. Allow God to graciously intervene in your “impossibles,” in the

  • Shortage of volunteers;
  • Brokenness of the families you serve; and
  • Budget crunches where you’re trying to make every penny stretch.

Cling to your calling to serve your kids—because He is the God who sees you.

Abby Burg

Abby is the Executive Director of Ministries at First Alliance Church in Hockessin, Delaware. She's passionate about making the truth of Jesus exciting and practical for people of all ages. Contact Abby at [email protected].

Four Responses to “The God Who Sees Me”

  1. Excellent thoughts! I really relate to Hagar! Important to remember God is always there through prayer and will help us!

  2. Very true…very well put…very encouraging! Blessings on you…especially this week at Delta.

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