The Power of Our Testimony

“That is so cool! Can you tell us the story again?” My four children kept repeating these words. I may have retold “the story” more than a dozen times within one hour.

At the beginning of this year, I entered a 40-day fast with a specific breakthrough prayer for a “Jericho wall” to collapse. Forty days passed with amazing personal spiritual renewal but complete silence in seeing this barrier broken.

When day 40 came, I was greatly disappointed in God’s silence. My mind was filled with so many questions and doubts, until my husband handed me a letter from the U.S. Homeland Security approving a two-year blocked visa for our new youth pastor’s wife. Our Jericho wall fell. On the very last day of the fast, God broke through the silence and all my doubts. I cried tears of awe and wonder of our amazing God.

Prayer and Fasting

The next couple of days I retold this miracle story to different groups of people. My children had never seen me speak of God with such wonder. They persistently kept close to hear the story again and again.

Witnessing this miracle stirred many in our church community into seasons of desperately seeking God over their mountainous Jericho walls. During this wave of revival, God impressed on my heart, This stirring must happen to the children. Don’t overlook them.

Our children’s ministry leaders chose to take this assignment from God. Thirty-three children responded to our invitation to a 40-day fast. The children took this invitation seriously and wrote down what they would fast from and what their breakthrough prayer was.

Many fasted from their devices, media, certain foods, favorite hobbies, sleep, and even arguing. Their breakthrough prayers included salvation for family members, healing for sick people, mean friends at school, and a deeper hunger for God. The power of this fast was a 40-day prayer guide filled with daily testimonies from our own church members and well-known people of faith.

Psalm 78

Living with Conviction

As we gathered with these 33 children each Saturday night of their fast, we were blown away by the ways God was engaging with them.

One day of the fast we invited the children to spend time in God’s presence, asking for dreams and visions. A seven-year-old responded, “In 10 years I will tell people about God’s work. In 15 years I will be in college, and like in the movie God’s Not Dead, I will stand up for God. In 20 years, I will go to work. God could use me by having me tell people about God. In 30 years, I will be like daddy, helping people I meet. In 40 years, I will be like those people who are godly and their descendants are godly.”

A nine-year-old child responded to her public school teacher’s complaint of back pains by asking, “May I lay hands on you and pray for you?” God healed the teacher’s back.

Another nine-year-old child had a foot injury and was taken to the hospital. When the medical staff suggested the child watches TV while she waits to heal, she responded, “I’m fasting media. I’ll be OK.” The staff said they had never met a little girl with such conviction. She even requested her mom to stop playing games on her phone so they can fast from media together.

Don’t Stay Silent

During the fast, we were challenged to pray for two lives in serious condition. One was of a 17-year-old suicidal youth. Another was a newborn baby who had lost her mother during labor and delivery. We turned to these fasting children to stand in the gap for these two lives. The prayers of faith, life, and power turned the 17-year-old to find restored hope in Jesus as well as stabilize the newborn child’s condition.

As we ended the 40-day fast, each child and parent explained how the testimonies in the prayer journal were the most powerful and exciting part of this journey. It made Jesus real to them.

Revelation 12:11 states, “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” As believers, we have been given authority through the blood of Jesus Christ. We seal up this victory when we bear testimony of Jesus Christ in our lives. Each of us has been given a voice to testify. Can you imagine our children walking in Kingdom authority and triumph, using their voice to silence the enemy?

Let Psalm 78:4 be our assignment: “We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.”

To whom will you tell of the Lord’s praiseworthy deeds? Who will come to you and repeatedly beg, “Can you tell us the story again?”

Let’s not stay silent. Use your voice.

Sandy Kang

Sandy with her husband Ted have been ministering at the San Jose Christian Alliance Church since 2002. She has been blessed to give birth to four children as well as a preschool. She is dedicated to raising our next generation to be set apart as movers and shakers of God's kingdom. During her free time, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors with the family and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

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