Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are great! It would be nearly impossible to ship large quantities of most materials without the solid, supportive structure of a sturdy wooden pallet. Stack up your merchandise, wrap it in shrink wrap and send it off. Pallets are good for more than shipping though. Pallet art is all the rage lately. I happen to own this one. A super talented friend made it for me. You can customize these things like crazy. Simply disassemble then reassemble the versatile material to fit your need or design idea, slap on a coat of paint and there you have it. A pallet recycled, repurposed, but still a pallet. Only now it has more value.

palletWhat needs a fresh coat of pain in your ministry and what needs to be disassembled and repurposed or retired? And how can you know which is which?

Take a look at each area of your ministry. Is what you’re doing moving kids and families toward becoming disciples? Allow yourself and others you trust to be critical as you disassemble those areas of potential weakness. Be just as critical of areas of perceived strength. Are your efforts in ministry being used to make disciples or make people busy?

Give yourself permission to customize when it comes to reaching the audience that’s before you. Package it however it best fits, but make sure The Message is clear and is adding value to kids’ understanding and relationship to God.

You’re still reaching kids and families. Only now you can measure success.

Jamie Sulle

Jamie Sulle counts it a high honor to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of kids. She’s been a wife since 1997, a mom since 2001 and a lover of ministering to children and families since 2003. Jamie currently serves at Edgewater Alliance Church in Edgewater, FL as the Children’s Ministry Director. She believes helping kids know Jesus and their place in God’s big plan is a BIG deal.

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