Your Kids Can Hear From God

Just take a moment to let that sink in.  God, the Almighty Creator of the Universe, stoops down and whispers truth into the ears of the kids you serve.  And, when we give them space to listen, they hear Him.

child-praying-001Skeptical?  That’s okay.  So was I.  After all, sometimes we as adults struggle to hear clearly from God.  A few weeks ago, though, God asked me to take time on a Sunday morning to create space for our kids to hear from God.  The approach we used was simple and unlike anything we had ever done before, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

Our kids are used to hearing me ask them a question before we pray.  Every week, I ask, “When we pray, who are we talking to?”  Everyone responds, “God!”  Except for one kid who always specifies, “God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit,” to which I reply, “Yes!  God is three in one.”  This time, though, I talked for a few minutes about how prayer is about more than just talking to God.  He has things that He wants to tell us too, if we take time to listen.

I told the kids that in a moment I was going to play some worship music. During that time, I wanted them to go wherever they wanted in the room and ask God what He had to say to them.  I told them to take time to record what God said using either paper and crayons or Play-Doh, then they could share later what God had told them, if they wanted.

What happened next blew my mind.  Seamlessly, they all grabbed their materials and scattered across the room.  They were uncharacteristically quiet as they listened for the voice of God.  Inexplicably, my phone froze up and I couldn’t take a single picture to capture the moment.  I was frustrated for a few minutes, then realized that it was almost like God was saying, “This moment isn’t about you.  This moment is about me.  Stop trying to Instagram it and watch Me work.”

Here are some of the things He said to them:

“God told me that I’m special.  We’re all special.”

“God gave me a picture of Him at creation, breathing His spirit into us.”

“God told me that He’s going to give me my smile back.”

Deep stuff for a bunch of five to ten year olds, huh?  And, do you want to know the best part of the whole thing?  I had almost nothing to do with it.  I spent a lot of time writing the lesson plan for that Sunday morning, but, to be honest, I don’t even remember what passage I taught on and I doubt the kids do either.  But I remember what God said to them.

Your kids can hear from God.  Let’s teach them to listen.

Abby Burg

Abby is the Executive Director of Ministries at First Alliance Church in Hockessin, Delaware. She's passionate about making the truth of Jesus exciting and practical for people of all ages. Contact Abby at [email protected].

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