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Alliance Kids is a global community of disciplemakers working together to faithfully encourage, equip, and empower kids and families to know Jesus and share His story.

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  • The Fearless Future of the Church

    The story that unfolded across the world over the past many months of pandemic and lockdown rocked global societies, local communities, and family units.  Every person encountered a new reality, a new way of living, and a new way of experiencing the world.  Churches and community centers across our nation shuddered.  Schools sat empty.  Even […]

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  • The Importance of Small

    Have you ever noticed how here in the United States we’re fascinated by everything big? Stores don’t just offer sales anymore; they’re COLOSSAL sales—GIGANTIC deals with HUGE savings. Sodas are sold in BIG GULP cups. Beanbag chairs are now called BIG JOE CHAIRS. We shop at BIG LOTS. (But then, who would want to go […]

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  • More Than Talking

    Don’t you love the open, honest prayers of children? Not just the prompted ones that we’ve taught them to recite at dinner time or before bed. But the prayers that touch a nerve, like the following ones posted on our cmalliancekids Facebook page: “When my friends are being annoying, I need to not get mad. […]

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  • From Harm to Harmony: Why becoming more like Jesus is key to having a healthy staff culture

    As part of a young church plant, we’ve had plenty of growing pains. “Oh…you can’t say that on stage?” “Oh…who needed to be told about that?” “Oh…we can’t use the church card for that?” “Oh…who do I report to?” “Oh…you mean that doesn’t fit our vision?” My most recent “Oh…” moment was when I had my first […]

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