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At the Alliance we’re passionate about people and reaching them with the love of Jesus — and kids are some of God’s most precious people. Why is it important to reach kids?

We’ve known for a number of years that statistically speaking people are most receptive to the gospel as children. By the age of 5 a child’s lifelong concept of God has been formed. That’s right, 5. And before the age of 12 they are at their most receptive to God. The window of opportunity to reach kids is now. Read on for some of the latest articles and information designed to expand your reach as a KidMin leader.

Recent KidMin Articles

  • Ability Awareness

    How would you feel if the community labeled you with your weakest trait? Suppose you were in the grocery store and a familiar voice called out: “Hey, it’s Mr. Can’t-Dance” or “Mrs. Bad-at-Math!” How would you feel? As a teacher in Uruguay I found myself wondering how to inspire fourth grade boys to reach out […]

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  • The Orphan Crisis and The Church: Taking Our Positions in the Field

    Two years ago, as I was reading Larry Bergeron’s Journey to the Fatherless, the Lord opened my eyes and my heart to the plight of the orphan. I was wrecked! That day I told God I would do whatever He desired of me to help His children. The Lord has since called me to raise […]

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  • The Power of Imitation

    I recently had an inner struggle concerning my work as a children’s pastor. I had some down time recently, but I was conflicted about how I should spend it. Why Not? I realized that I needed to reach out to someone to help me with this struggle. So I decided to e-mail a well-known Bible […]

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  • Persevere

    I didn’t expect to learn such a huge life lesson when I stepped off the bus before a high school track meet my sophomore year. It was a dual meet, so many of the kids who normally wouldn’t participate had the opportunity to run. My friend Tom was one of those kids. He was to […]

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