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At the Alliance we’re passionate about people and reaching them with the love of Jesus — and kids are some of God’s most precious people. Why is it important to reach kids?

We’ve known for a number of years that statistically speaking people are most receptive to the gospel as children. By the age of 5 a child’s lifelong concept of God has been formed. That’s right, 5. And before the age of 12 they are at their most receptive to God. The window of opportunity to reach kids is now. Read on for some of the latest articles and information designed to expand your reach as a KidMin leader.

Recent KidMin Articles

  • Leading Small

    When Jesus gives the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18–19), Jesus tells His disciples that they must “go and make disciples of all nations.” Our goal as believers—this verse’s main subject—is to make disciples. “Go” in the Greek here is translated “as you go”—we are called to make disciples as we go. Jesus is the most perfect model […]

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  • Getting and Keeping Volunteers

    THE PERENNIAL PROBLEM AND A SURPRISING SOLUTION I feel like I’ve read a million articles on the topic of “getting and keeping volunteers.” If you’re like me, working in a ministry that relies on a small army of volunteers, you’re probably interested in this topic, too. I’m an analytical, task-driven person, so I’d love to […]

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  • Strengthen Your Ministry: Study, Study, Study!

    If you work with kids, it will happen sooner or later. While teaching a lesson, you you ask the class if they have any questions. Sure enough, one child asks a question that has nothing to do with the lesson. Not only that; it’s a difficult one to answer quickly. For example: “Where did God […]

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  • How is your heart?

    I have struggled with writing this blog post for months as I’ve wrestled with the Holy Spirit. He has been working in my heart, revealing to me that, despite my best efforts, I am prideful, envious, and filled with thoughts of comparison. I’ve now started to realize the core of my sin: I have cared […]

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