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At the Alliance we’re passionate about people and reaching them with the love of Jesus — and kids are some of God’s most precious people. Why is it important to reach kids?

We’ve known for a number of years that statistically speaking people are most receptive to the gospel as children. By the age of 5 a child’s lifelong concept of God has been formed. That’s right, 5. And before the age of 12 they are at their most receptive to God. The window of opportunity to reach kids is now. Read on for some of the latest articles and information designed to expand your reach as a KidMin leader.

Recent KidMin Articles

  • Helping Parents Win

    Recently, several big storms rolled through my town with lots of thunder and lightning. They frightened my youngest son, Daniel, producing some traumatic emotions in him. As I listened to my husband comfort Daniel as he tucked him into bed amid the loud booms and rain hitting the window, I sat in awe. Instead of […]

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  • Tools to Lead a Child to Christ

    Those of us in kids’ ministry are likely familiar with the several tools for communicating the gospel to children. Chances are you’ve shared the good news with children many times and led them to a faith decision. You’re likely comfortable with teaching youngsters what it means to believe in Jesus. However, lately I’ve been asking […]

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  • Bread for Today

    Why Only Jesus Satisfies Our Hunger I have felt lately that God is trying to teach me a lesson, and I’m trying to avoid having to learn it the hard way. My heart has been hungry, and I haven’t been able to put my finger on what it is that I’m starving for. I think […]

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  • Snail-Mail lessons for Children’s Ministry

    I recently mailed a personal letter   to each of the children involved in our Sunday morning programs, letting them know I was praying for them on that particular day. That’s right—snail mail. It took much more of my time than writing an e-mail, and it cost more for sure. And it was low-tech—old-school—so maybe I’m […]

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