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Alliance Kids National Giving Project

The Creative Zone Study Home, Portoviejo 7.8 Ecuador

Supporting the Children of the Garbage Dump Community in partnership with Envision Ecuador and Inca Link

Alliance Kids is thrilled to announce our first National Giving Project in partnership with Alliance Kids Missions, Envision Ecuador, and Inca Link this summer. With the help of children’s ministries across the country, we are prayerfully seeking God’s provision for the first ministry home for children in the garbage dump community of Portoviejo, Ecuador.

The Need

Alliance Kids National Director Leah Broach traveled to Ecuador recently to research and write this summer’s Alliance Kids Missions curriculum. While there, she visited the dump and the surrounding community where Envision Ecuador and Inca Link are working to reach these children. The need is great, but despite the desperation of the living conditions, Gospel ministry is taking place. There are dedicated followers of Christ committed to finding ways to be present with these children. They’ve worked hard to clear borrowed land between the garbage dump and pig farms where these children have been meeting outside to learn the Bible, get homework help, and receive nutritious meals. Most recently, the teams from Inca Link built their first-ever outhouse facility, providing a private place for children to use the restroom.

These kids are the children of the garbage miners, people who make their livelihood mining in the dumps for anything profitable for their families. These garbage miners are generations of families that have made the dump their home. Many of them are also illiterate and lack education, making it almost impossible to break the cycle of poverty.

Through the dedication, love, and compassion of ministry workers, these stories are beginning to change. Children are learning, reading, and completing school. They are being discipled in their faith, cared for by loving leaders, and fed nutritious meals. The presence of the body of Christ is making all the difference.

But the need is great! Right now, all these children have is an outdoor gathering area where the garbage, smells, and bugs plague them daily. It is time to give these kids a ministry home where they can feel safe and secure, out of the elements. They need a place for new beginnings.

The Project

The Creative Zone Study Home for Children in Portoviejo, Ecuador, is a land and building project that will provide a safe space away from the elements for Bible studies, games, and homework. It will also offer opportunities for discipleship, training, and community connections. Additionally, an on-site kitchen allows for healthy meal preparation to combat malnutrition. This home will be designed to meet the needs of this community while protecting the integrity of the children being served.

This home will include Four classrooms, a kitchen, and an outdoor cement multipurpose game court.

The Cost


The Invitation

We invite children’s ministry VBS donors, churches, families, and individuals to join us in making this home a reality for these children. We firmly believe that Alliance Kids across the country can unite their efforts and make an eternal impact in the lives of these children in Ecuador.

The Next Step

When you are ready to make an impact, please visit our giving page here or click the button below. All gifts are tax-deductible.

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