Choosing curriculum is always a hot topic in children’s ministry. Here at cmalliancekids we don’t write our own curriculum, nor do we endorse any one particular curriculum. We do, however, have partnerships with some high quality publishing houses who are producing some great curriculum. Each of these curricula have gone through our curriculum criteria (see below) and we feel comfortable pointing you in their direction. Keep in mind, no curriculum is perfect and curriculum is only as good, or bad, as who is adapting it. Curriculum is meant to be a tool, not the whole toolbox. Our partnerships with the following publishing houses means that if one of our Alliance churches uses one of these curriculum a portion of the proceeds go into our GCF (Great Commission Fund).


Children’s Disciplemaking Curriculum Criteria

  1. Does it emphasize relationship with Jesus over character building and performance?
  2. Does it present the Bible as God’s complete, inspired, and authoritative Word?
  3. Does it have a clear strategy for biblical disciplemaking?
  4. Does it promote spiritual practices that enable a child to learn to hear from and respond to God.
  5. Does it help a child apply God’s Word to their every day life?
  6. Does it seek to convey and shape a Biblical identity and worldview?
  7. Does it encourage intergenerational relationships within the faith community?
  8. Does it foster a partnership with parents?
  9. Is it adaptable to multiple contexts?

C&MA Curriculum

World Changers imageWorld Changers

This series will take your students on the journey of faith that was lived by several key Alliance missionaries. These stories will demonstrate the faith-filled risks taken by these heroes of the faith and will challenge the next generation to do the same. Order World Changers at

Missions Adventures imageG.C. Kidz Missions Adventures

These Missions Adventures have been created to supply you with just that—a body of work to help you train the kids in your life to love Jesus and fulfill his Great Commission. Order Missions Adventures on

Mission Modules

Alliance Mission Modules have been crafted to encourage young hearts to bring the good news of Jesus love to the “Unreached People Groups” (UPGs) of this world. Each 75-90 minute module is a unique adventure designed to challenge your students to become passionate about reaching lost people for Jesus. Download Missions Modules for free on

An asterisk [*] next to the title indicates a portion of proceeds is returned to the GCF.