Hairy Trinity

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Alright, that might be the weirdest title for a post I’ve ever written. Just go with it.

Last week I was teaching our large group time and one of my sweet little 1st grade girls was killing me with awesome questions about God. Big questions, thinking questions, and such deep questions. I love when kids begin to question because it means they’re thinking and wrestling. It also pushes me to find the answers. 

She stayed after large group briefly to chat with me. She had some questions about the trinity…what kids doesn’t, for that matter what adult doesn’t? So I tried to explain the trinity using water. Yes, I know, not a perfect example so no need to send me an e-mail. For kids though it does help a little when explaining this complex idea.


So there I am sitting eye level with little Carrie and I’m talking about steam and ice and water all being the same and trying to correlate that back to the trinity (Please note, I felt like I was drowning in said water trying to explain this). She suddenly gasps and says “oh I get it!”. She then grabs her eyebrow and says “just like my eyebrows are eyebrows they’re also hair, and my eyelashes are eyelashes but they’re also hair? That’s like Jesus is Jesus but also God. Right?”.

My mouth dropped open.

“Yes! Actually that’s a great way to think about it.”

She fluffs her hair, shoots me a smile and a “thanks Miss Mel”, and skips off to small group time. All the while I’m sitting dumbfounded that a 7 year old just gave me possibly the best analogy for the trinity I have ever heard. Out of the mouth of babes!

hairytrinity1How do you explain the trinity to kids? Got any great ideas? I’d love to hear them.