The Fearless Future of the Church

The story that unfolded across the world over the past many months of pandemic and lockdown rocked global societies, local communities, and family units.  Every person encountered a new reality, a new way of living, and a new way of experiencing the world.  Churches and community centers across our nation shuddered.  Schools sat empty.  Even community parks found their gates locked and chained.  The world, particularly for our children, went silent.

In a moment, the spaces that once were filled with commotion and energy of kids were quiet, dark, and unused.  But just as quickly as the lights began to dim in these spaces, the army of leaders serving children rallied.

Alliance family, our army rallied.

Creativity ignited throughout our churches and ministries because our children would not be forgotten.

Almost overnight, Alliance Kids workers and volunteers became filmmakers, live-streamers, parade organizers, door dashers, internet teachers, and so much more.  There would not be a vacuum of ministry to our children.  Not on our watch. Simply put, the doors on the church might have closed, but windows opened at a furious pace.

It wasn’t easy.  Not everything worked. The learning curve was sharp in every way.

Time marched on, and situations changed. The challenges grew with internet fatigue, enhanced safety measurements, and massive volunteer shortages.  Leaders continued innovating new ways to connect kids with discipleship and their faith community.  Faced with mounting obstacles, changing policies, and a shifting ministry landscape, Alliance Kids leaders’ remained committed to the sacred call of discipleing the next generation.

It has not been ideal.  Not everyone has returned.  But this army stands firm and committed to the sacred task of sharing our faith, making disciples, and pointing the hearts of our kids to Jesus. As the landscape continues to change, we continue to rise and rally.  We dream new dreams.  And we use the lessons we have learned as fuel to transform our ministries.  Why?

Because we are Alliance Kids and the call to disciple the next generation is sacred.  It is hard and holy, and it matters profoundly to the whole kingdom.

Residing in our children’s hearts are the calls to lead churches, enter mission fields, open non-profits, and make disciples that make disciples.  We will cultivate those hearts, those dreams, and place them in the Hands of our God because we are Alliance Kids, and we are committed to the Fearless Future of the Church.



Leah Broach

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